Our Value Proposition

Our core values revolve around Passion and Persistence of People as the name suggests, which is derived from the Greek word AMOR (love/passion) and Welsh word EMRYS (Immortal/Persistent), and we believe that these values are reminiscent of mindfulness and attitude displayed towards our customers and team.

Manufacturing Engineering

Catering to automotive industry to develop Car Body and EV powertrain tooling & assembly solutions in process, concept, simulation and digital manufacturing

Digital Transformation

Delivering Industry 4.0 readiness with IOT integration and digital information models of factories, facilities and buildings, creating endless possibilities

Product Engineering

Innovating and ideating value-added range of products for industrial, consumer and health segments with modelling, computations, simulations and prototyping

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We are an equal employment opportunity provider and looking forward to work with people having entrepreneurial mindset and zeal to grow together.